Red House Concert Series is a small concert planning and promotion business based in Grand Haven, MI.


The 2 member LLC was created in 2015 with Marianne Fischer & Jack Clark. Marianne was doing small house concerts at her home while Jack was doing public events focused on fundraising efforts using live music to raise money for various causes. As Jack continued to attend Marianne’s house concerts since 2013, she approached him about taking her house concert shows to public venues. After some research & finding a place to put on shows in Grand Haven they made Red House Concert Series an LLC in 2015, became licensed and insured and began putting on “pop up” concerts around Grand Haven in 2016.

The idea behind our efforts was to bring the house concert experience to larger public spaces. We wanted to take spaces that might otherwise be empty and create an intimate live music experience for our local fan base, folks that liked what we were  doing at house concerts and charity events, and bring people together to support art and live music in our community.

In her spare time, Marianne is a Senior Academic Advisor at Grand Valley State University. Marianne & her husband Jim live in Grand Haven with their daughter Lexi.

Jack is a Sr. Applications Specialist at Herman Miller. He and his wife Colleen reside in Grand Haven. They have a daughter, Brianna, a Sergeant  serving in the U.S. Army at Fort Leonardwood, MO, and a son Nolan, a student at Western Michigan University.